A Smart Car: The Ford C-MAX

Information travels so quickly now, and that’s no different when you’re in your car. The designers of the Ford C-MAX have included a number of features so that you can stay connected. Those features, along with the excellent mileage (up to 42 mpg), make it appealing to those in the market for a eco-friendly vehicle.

SYNC 3 is available on all models of the C-MAX . 

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Technology Features Packed Inside the New Ford Explorer

One reason you will want to own the new Ford Explorer is because this SUV comes with an abundance of technology features you'd expect to find in a luxury sedan.

Helping to keep you safer on the highway, the new Explorer has an adaptive cruise control system unlike the traditional types. This system is going to keep scanning the road far ahead to see if any vehicles moving slower than yours is detected.  

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Impressive Ford Mustang Handling Features for 2018

Have you seen the latest Mustang? Ford Mustang's engineering team unveiled the beauty last year and made some significant upgrades to the handling and performance areas. This includes a newly fine-tuned engine, as well as premium upgrades. The Mustang comes standard with rear-wheel drive, but you actually get five different driving modes with the premium upgrades.

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The 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid Infotainment Center

These days, having a high-tech infotainment center that you can rely on is a must-have for every driver. Luckily, Ford has you covered. The 2018 Fusion Hybrid is a popular hybrid sedan that's equipped with an intuitive system that will help you stay entertained throughout your ride.

The Sync system is standard on all models. A responsive touch screen is built into the center dash. 

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Hit the Road in a New Ford EcoSport

The new Ford EcoSport is ready to make its impact on the roadways. Car enthusiasts will be excited to experience this new versatile SUV. It has appeal to lovers of both large and small vehicles.

The Ford EcoSport is powered by a 2.0-liter engine that is supported with an intelligent 4-wheel drive sport tuned suspension. The partial leather seats are accented by copper and black interior details. The moon-roof is a luxurious option that travels well with the partial leather front seats. 

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Style and Economy Come Together

Have you been looking for the right new vehicle that balances style with economy? Look no further. This year’s Ford Fusion has been upgraded with several new standard and optional design features that make this series special.

Buyers have much to choose from within the Fusion’s model range. The model S Appearance Package extends the wheels to 18 inches, adds a sporty rear spoiler, and comes standard with a redesigned grille and headlights. 

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The Ford F-150 Is Pure Truck Heaven

The Ford F-150 is one of the most capable pickup trucks on the road, due to its powerful engine choices, towing and payload capacities and strong construction. Plus, you just look really good sitting behind the wheel of one of these iconic symbols of workhorse capabilities.

The Ford F-150 is all about strength, both in loading and towing. This truck provides an increased payload achieved by using a military-grade aluminum alloy, which decreases the overall weight. 

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The Ford Focus Is an Enjoyable Ride

Driving a Ford Focus is just plain fun. This sporty and agile compact vehicle is rich in features and styling and provides a comfortable ride, and turbo-charged engine choices deliver even more power on the highway.

The Ford Focus ST features rocker moldings, lower valances, an exhaust with bright tips and a rear spoiler. Machined aluminum 18-inch wheels with black pockets lend a sporty appearance, and rear and front disc brakes that have red brake calipers are included. 

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The Intelligent Ford Taurus

The popular Ford Taurus is a full-sized sedan that has plenty to offer without breaking your wallet. It has powerful features that include all-wheel drive as well as electric power-assisted steering that makes it stand apart.

The Ford Taurus has intelligent AWD sensors that help enhance the handling of the vehicle as it balances the torque between the front and back wheels. 

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