Taking better care of your car often extends its life and improves performance. Proper care also involves keeping it clean, including the engine. Yes, cleaning out the interior of oil sludge is helpful. So is getting rid of the dirt and grime collecting on the engine's exterior.

The hood has sections where rain, dirt, and debris can enter. They make the engine and its various covers dirty. Thankfully, a degreaser spray and some physical scrubbing can help clean the engine. Rinse all the degreaser spray off with a hose, too. Let the engine dry.

Precautions become necessary before cleaning the engine, though. You want to cover up all the exposed electrical components, and you don't want to touch a hot engine. Follow common-sense steps to reduce any mishaps or potential hazards.

Take care of your car in Trumann, AR by bringing the vehicle to our service department. At Central Ford, our team wants to help out.

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