Just as there are wheels underneath the car, there is a wheel in the alternator. And when that wheel spins, the alternator does its job. The part keeps the battery charged. And the battery's importance to a vehicle is obvious.

Alternators, like all other parts, can run into problems. If there are signs the alternator is failing, then get it checked out. Replacing the alternator before it fails totally would be better than breaking down on the highway one morning.

Did you know that cleaning an alternator might restore its capabilities? As long as the alternator isn't damaged, a cleaning could get it running properly. Have someone who knows how these parts work inspect the alternator. Maybe a malfunctioning one is just dirty. If it has a serious problem, then the car likely needs a new one.

At Central Ford, we handle alternator replacement work and other maintenance issues. Please contact our service department in Trumann, AR to schedule an appointment.

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