If you regularly tow large payloads, you know that good work trucks are difficult to find. Stop wasting your time with trucks that don't live up to your expectations and visit Central Ford to learn more about the Ford Super Duty, a highly praised heavy-duty pickup truck.

The Ford Super Duty boasts a frame that is 24 times more durable than previous models. Ford reduced the Super Duty's total weight by 350 pounds and gave this workhorse a 7,630-pound max payload rating. The Ford Super Duty could haul several small cars in a single payload. The Super Duty also has a conventional tow rating of 21,000 pounds. It might be time to buy a bigger boat!

Speaking of towing, the Ford Super Duty uses cameras and sensors to make maneuvering with a trailer a cinch, and you can monitor your trailer's tire pressure from the comfort of the driver's seat.

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