The Ford Ranger might be a mid-size truck, but it has the power and design of an all-terrain vehicle that you can take almost anywhere. It has a comfortable ride whether you're driving in Trumann, AR or on a mountain hill. The shape of the Ranger is one that is almost athletic from the rounded taillights to the domed hood.

With a windshield that features a low angle, the wind tends to flow smoothly over the truck, enhancing the fuel efficiency that you see. The wider grille on the front of the truck enhances the aerodynamics as well.

Aside from the updates that have been made to the exterior fo the Ford Ranger, there have been several made to the interior as well including supportive seats and space for five passengers. The touchscreen allows for easily viewing everything from maps to radio stations while also managing messages and phone calls. Central Ford can show you how to arrange these details along with the other technical features of the truck.

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