Ford Expedition Boasts Stellar Interior Features

With lots of space and style, you’d almost believe that the Ford Expedition is a luxury SUV. Inside, there are tons of comfort features to allow for the best ride possible. The seats offer heating and ventilation to increase comfort for long rides. The leather, heated steering wheel is not only stylish, but it also provides comfort on cold days. The car’s panoramic sunroof stretches all the way to the back seats and provides extra sunlight and airflow for passengers.

On the outside, the car boasts a sleek and rugged design. From the sleek grille to the incredible LED headlights, the Expedition is sure to turn heads on the road. Choose from a variety of different editions with extra space, comfort, and benefits.

Test drive the Ford Expedition and discover its amazing capabilities for yourself by visiting Central Ford in Trumann, AR. You’re sure to be impressed with its impressive design features both inside and out.

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