Experience Comfort in the 2018 Ford Transit

At Central Ford, we understand how important comfort is when traveling in a full-sized passenger wagon. The 2018 Ford Transit is designed to keep both driver and passengers happy on trips of any length in Trumann, AR.

With models available to carry 10, 12, or 15 passengers, there's an option available for any sized group. The high-roofed model comes with a best-in-class 77-inch high interior that will provide plenty of space both for children and adults. To make it hassle-free to get in and out of seats, the rear is set up so that each spot has access to an aisle. You'll never have to crawl over another person or seat to get to your spot.

To help a drive feel comfortable, the steering column is both tilting and telescoping. You'll be able to get the wheel exactly to where you want it.

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