The Ford Super Duty Has Tools That Make Towing Routines Easy

The Ford Super Duty has two tools that make towing routines easier in challenging environments. Both tools perform well in busy construction zones, narrow driveways, and other risky areas.

When you tow cargo with a Super Duty, you can use the Trailer Reverse Guidance system to avoid collisions. This system uses multiple cameras that are placed in strategic spots. The feed is displayed on a console in the cabin while the Super Duty is driven in reverse out of challenging zones. While on the road, Ford's Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System will help you maintain the tires. You can gather information about the air in each tire using this system by scanning a tire pressure icon on the panel.

Central Ford is one of the many places in Trumann, AR where you can buy a Ford Super Duty. This truck is a practical towing solution because it can simplify the toughest routines.

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