Ford Fusion: Tech That Fuses Nature & Science

Ford Fusion tech features are an exciting subject to all of us here at Central Ford in Trumann, AR. Every year, Ford improves on tech specs for its entire fleet, and the Fusion is ahead of pace. That's probably why it's one of the most sought-after mid-size sedans on the market. Unique tech features, such as hybrid energy consumption and SmartGauge with EcoGuide, make us really excited.

Energy Plug-In Hybrid with EV Mode

Ford Fusion boasts hybrid capabilities that let you choose your energy source: electricity, gas or a combination of both. Auto EV activates electrical power and switches to gas when necessary. In EV Now mode the Fusion uses electricity, and EV Later mode conserves electricity for future use. Switching between modes gives you access to cleaner energy and reduces your overall carbon emissions.

SmartGuage with EcoGuide

Fusion coaches and rewards you when you drive efficiently. The SmartGuage dual LCD screens are configurable to access and display an EcoGuide that helps you maximize the Fusion's efficiency, with symbols of branches and leaves flourishing as your efficient driving reaches optimal thresholds. To see for yourself, swing by Central Ford in Trumann, AR today for a test drive.

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