Ford Super Duty Built for Durability

When you need a heavy-duty pickup, it's time to take a look at a popular choice, the Ford Super Duty. Built to last, this is a powerful truck that is both lighter than previous models yet still incredibly strong.

Durability is important in the Ford Super Duty. Made with a military-grade, high-strength, and aluminum-alloy body, this is the strongest truck body available on a super duty truck today. The frame is made with more than 95% high-strength steel, making it 24 times stronger than the previous design. When strength and power matter, the Ford Super Duty is a truck that delivers for everyone.

To check out the Ford Super Duty, visit us at Central Ford today. Take one out for a test drive and meet a member of our sales staff to learn more. We are happy to teach you about all of the special features of the Ford Super Duty.

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