Smart Buying

In todays auto industry it is important to understand the dealer is working hard to help the customer.  When purchasing a vehicle there are things the dealer needs,  to make sure they can give you the best deal possible.  First, Don't hide the trade.  If your planning on trading a vehicle, let the dealer know.  You as a consumer have to understand that a dealer can choose to decline your ability to purchase at anytime.  Hiding things like a trade from the dealer only hurts the consumer.  Allow the dealer to look at your trade and get an estimate of its value.  2nd:  Don't play hard ball on what you owe!  Your trade is worth x.  No matter what you may think as a consumer, the dealer wants to sell you a vehicle no matter what it takes.  We are in the business of selling not collecting!  Also, you have the ability to negotiate your deal at anytime.  If the dealer will not do the deal you want, you have the ability to go to another dealership.  They are everywhere.  We want your business, plain and simple.   3rd:  We do this everyday, we talk to banks everyday, we deal with manufacturers everyday! We know what we are doing.  Be humble and not rude.  You want the best deal out there, be kind, generous and courteous to the staff and you will get a better deal.  Allow us to put together our best deal for you.  We will work hard to gain your business.  If you do not like the deal laid in front of you, don't be afraid to say so.  Thank you in advance. We look forward to earning your business!   
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